CRAWDAD has moved to IEEE-Dataport

The datasets in the Community Resource for Archiving Wireless Data at Dartmouth (CRAWDAD) repository are now hosted as the CRAWDAD Collection on IEEE Dataport. After nearly two decades as a stand-alone archive at, the migration of the collection to IEEE DataPort provides permanence and new visibility.

How can I access the CRAWDAD archive?

Sign up for a (free) account on IEEE DataPort and navigate to the CRAWDAD Collection at IEEE-Dataport. For help, check the IEEE DataPort support page. For more information, see the CRAWDAD FAQ on DataPort.

How can I add to the CRAWDAD archive?

Submit a dataset to DataPort and indicate your intention to include the dataset in the CRAWDAD collection. All CRAWDAD datasets will be Open Access after approval. For help, check the IEEE DataPort support page. Questions? Contact the CRAWDAD team at crawdad-group AT; please be patient because we are a small team of volunteers.

About the CRAWDAD project

Research on wireless networks and mobile computing benefits from access to data from real networks and real mobile users. Data captured from production wireless networks (and their users) help us understand how real users, applications, and devices use real networks under real conditions. It is challenging and expensive to collect such data, so in 2004 we established this Community Resource for Archiving Wireless Data At Dartmouth (CRAWDAD) as a place to share these data sets across the research community. We are grateful to all those who have collected these valuable datasets and are willing to share them with others, and to all of our sponsors (below) for their financial and operational support.

CRAWDAD leadership

CRAWDAD was founded in 2004 by David Kotz (Dartmouth College) and Tristan Henderson (University of St Andrews). In later years it was (and continues to be) co-led by Kotz and Chris McDonald (University of Western Australia). To contact the CRAWDAD team, please email crawdad-group AT; please be patient because we are a small team of volunteers.

We are grateful for the help of our staff:

  • Steve Gaughan
  • Patrick Proctor
  • Anna Shubina
  • Jihwang Yeo
...and student interns:
  • Dimitrios-Georgios Akestoridis (University of Ioannina)
  • Hugh Cannon (St Andrews)
  • Ruslan Dimov (Dartmouth)
  • Jon Jacobson (Dartmouth)
  • Stephan Johnson (Dartmouth)
  • Kieran Kelk (St Andrews)
  • Dana Malajian (Dartmouth)
  • Robert Muckle-Jones (St Andrews)
  • Constantinos Neophytou (Dartmouth)
  • Pekka Pietikainen (University of Oulu)
  • Alex Riina (Dartmouth)
  • Oleg Seletsky (Dartmouth)
  • Nathan Schneider (Dartmouth)

CRAWDAD sponsors

The CRAWDAD team is grateful for the support of the following organizations (alphabetical order).


The CRAWDAD logo was designed by Guy Nelson.

Crawdads are crustaceans also commonly known as crayfish, crawfish or yabbies. See Wikipedia for more information.