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The tum/proximityness dataset (v. 2020-02-18)

Dataset for evaluation of co-presence detection

Contributed by Michael Haus, Aaron Yi Ding, Jorg Ott.

We conducted a study with 126 subjects, over three months, collecting data from various sensors, that resulted in a multimodal dataset for co-presence detection. We publish a subset of the original data set in the period between 01.06.2018 and 15.06.2018 including Wi-Fi scans as proximity verification set, magnetometer as sensor data, the positions of Wi-Fi access points, and magnetometer's sensor hardware. This study has been published at IEEE PerCrowd 2020, M. Haus, A. Y. Ding, J. Ott, "Multimodal Co-Presence Detection with Varying Spatio-Temporal Granularity", in Proceedings of IEEE 3rd International Workshop on Context-awareness for Multi-device Pervasive and Mobile Computing (PerCrowd), 2020. DOI:

 details of the tum/proximityness dataset (v. 2020-02-18)

This dataset contains the following 4 tracesets:

  1. traceset1
    first traceset

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  2. traceset2
    second traceset

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  3. traceset3
    third traceset

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  4. traceset4
    fourth traceset

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